Halebourne First Train Home

Roza- Halebourne First Train Home

Född / DoB: 2018-02-17 

HD / Hips : BVA 6:6 FCI B/C

AD / Elbows BVA 0 FCI 0

Uppfödare / Breeder: Janet Barrow 

Stamtavla / Pedigree: https://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=994101

Roza is a daughter of Cillmhantain Verita D'Oro  (Verity) and Gillbryan Baker's Dozen (Jamie), she qualifyied for Crufts as Junior and was shortlisted at Crufts under Frank Kane. Roza passion is water and if she could spent all her time in the water she could! 

Gillbryan Baker's Dozen

Rozas pappa /Roza's sire

Cillmhantain Verita D'Oro

Rozas mamma / Roza's dam

Rozas valpar / Rozas puppies