Om oss / About us

Petra and Keegan out working 

Petra winning 1st with Issac at Crufts!

Petra and Keegan having a cuddle!

Om oss: 

Hej! Jag heter Petra och det är jag som har kennel Gillbryan i Sverige. Jag och min Golden Retrievers bor utanför Holmsveden i Hälsingland. 

About us:

Me (Petra Wred) and my Golden Retrievers live in the rural Swedish countryside in Hälsingland (about 2 & 1/2 hours North of Stockholm) where we enjoy training,  taking long walks in the forest as well as enjoying some downtime watching telly. 

My aim with my breeding is to produce Goldens who will make excellent active family members through good temperaments, good health scores, and overall health.  At the same time breeding for confirmation and correct movement described in the breed standard, which will enable them to have the physical ability to work and be active throughout their life. I also breed for my Goldens to have an abundance of will to please to make them easy to train for everyday obedience, traditional retrieving, or any other dog sport. In short, a Golden with the kindest of temperament to make the truest of friends,  good overall health, the beauty to be able to be shown, and brains to work! 

My journey within Golden Retriever world began in 2012 when I moved from Sweden to the UK to work as a Kennel maid for Gilly and Brian Wicklow. Learning about breeding, grooming, showing, and all things Golden. In the UK I also did many courses and seminars on Goldens, Retrievers in general, and judging show dogs. 

Brian was the sectary  at Berkshiredowns and Chilterns Golden Retriever Club and he has some wonderful working dogs, Standerwick Ronan, and a Holway dog. 

Address : Nybo 105, 823 92, Holmsveden, Gävleborg, Hälsingland, Sweden

Telephone: +46761011426


Gilly Wicklow delighting in Isaac winning  a 1st at Crufts!

Brian Wicklow (in the hat) with his Standerwick Ronan! 

Janet Barrow winning a reserve at Crufts with a Gillbryan dog!

Brian with Joseph (Sh.Ch Gillbryan Any Dream Will Do JW) at the parade of Champions at the GRC Centenary !